Everyone on staff here is friendly & qualified, with years of experience working on bikes. All of us are avid bikers ourselves, and we ride for pleasure & in competitions. Our goal is to create an environment where our customers are comfortable and can share the same love we have for biking.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Hourly Charge for Repairs  $ 60        $10 Flat Rate to put bicycle on repair stand

True wheel   $ 20 - $ 40
Cut steerer tube   $ 25
Brake adjust   $ 10
Install fork   $ 40
Shift adjust   $ 10
Install chain   $ 10
Tube change   $ 10
Install derailleur hanger   $ 15
Replace spoke   $ 20 - $ 40
Assemble new bike from box   $ 75 and up
Assemble used bike   $ 75 and up
Basic Bicycle Fit   $ 100        Pro Bicycle Fit   $ 200
Drive Line Maintenance   $ 50
Remove and ultrasonic clean entire drive line, chain rings, chain, cassette & derailleurs,
detail and reinstall.
Quickie Tune Up   $ 50
Adjust gears and brakes, check all bearings and adjust for safety, pump-up tires, and lubricate drive-line.
Complete Tune Up   $ 75
Adjust gears, brakes, true wheels and inspect spoke tension.
Fully adjust headset, hubs and bottom bracket to appropriate specs. Completely
clean frame and brush drive line (chain rings, chain & cassette).
Deluxe Tune Up   $ 125
Complete Tune Up plus ultrasonic drive-line wash and lubrication.
Overhaul   $ 250
Completely disassemble bike, detail, clean all components and frame, lube, reassemble.
(All needed replacement parts are additional charges.)